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Contact Info:

Work Phone:

322-1184 ext. 1247

Conference Times:

8:49 - 9:34

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About Me

Educational History:

Graduated from Borger High School – 1994

Graduated from WTAMU – Dec. 2000

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in History 

I am certified in Social Studies 4-8 and Social Studies Composite 7-12.


Current Position:

I came to Bushland in 2017.  This is my 7th year at BHS.

I am currently teaching 

- Dual Credit U.S. History

- U.S. History

Previous Position:

Hereford High School  (2001 – 2002)

Holy Cross Catholic Academy (2003 – 2006)

Borger High School  (2006 – 2017)

Bushland High School  (2017 – ?????)

Family Information:

I have been married to my amazing wife, Crystal, for almost 21 years. She is an Internal Medicine Coding Specialist with the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. 

I have three awesome kids who keep me on my toes.  Aaron is 16 and is a sophomore in high school. Emmalee is 12 and is going into the 7th grade.  Jenah just turned 6 and will be in the 1st Grade.  They are my world and I am so very proud of them.

We have two dogs, Dougal and Filbert, who are as chaotic as they come!  It’s a bit much some days, but we love them!  


Personal Information:

My favorite thing is hanging out with my family!  Family is very important to me and that is where I will spend the bulk of my downtime. I don’t have a ton of hobbies, but I do have some things that I really enjoy away from the classroom.

Sports – 

- I am a huge hockey fan – Go Stars and Golden Knights. 

- Baseball is also close to me.  I have been a Cubs fan since before it was cool! I also follow the Braves pretty closely. These teams are important to me and my family.

- Football, I am a big Packers Fan. (Don’t judge!)

- College football has me rooting for Texas Tech and WTAMU.

- I’m not a big basketball fan. I prefer college hoops and of course our Falcons and Lady Falcons!

Music – It depends on the day.  I listen to pretty much anything from Metallica to Mozart.

Movies – I love movies and have seen pretty much everything.  I have too many favorite movies to list, so let's just say that I have a wide range of likes. Be prepared for lots of quotes and movie references!



Upcoming Events


Classroom Number:
School Phone:
322-1184 ext. 1247
Conference Time:
8:49 - 9:34