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English III Syllabus

Junior English   2019-20

Mrs. Tindell

How to Reach Me


school phone: 322-1184 x1227


Google Classroom


Conference: 4th period 



Class Materials

  1. Composition book or 3 subject spiral
  2. Blue or black pens
  3. Highlighters (at least 3 colors)
  4. Glue sticks
  5. wide ruled notebook paper
  6. colored pens (optional)
  7. sticky notes (optional)

Google Classroom Codes

1st nxqi80z       3rd- cw8rizp

2nd 1ticl0         5th m9qdmuz


  • due at the beginning of class (unless otherwise stated)
  • Late work loses 40 points and will not be accepted after 1 day late
  • No name papers will not be graded and will be considered late, if claimed


50% - Tests, Quizzes, and Projects


50% - Daily work/Participation


I do not give extra credit.  If you are struggling, please come talk to me BEFORE the end of the six weeks.



Class Policies

  • Come to class prepared with assignments, materials, great thoughts, and a sense of humor.
  • Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
  • No cell phones! If there are extenuating circumstances, please come talk to me.



I am a part-time teacher, so I am only here in the morning.  If you are struggling, please come talk to me so we can schedule a tutorial.


Please return this on TUESDAY, AUGUST 20th with signatures from you and your parents for a 100 daily grade. 



Student Name (printed) ______________________________________________


Student Signature ___________________________________________________


Parent Signature ____________________________________________________